AI-assisted recognition of fresh fruit and vegetables

Self-service checkouts and fruit and vegetable scales can be too slow and frustrating for customers:
Manually selecting items from a menu or by entering a PLU number is time-consuming and easily generates errors when recording inventory.

In particular, those items that do not have a barcode could previously only be searched for and selected manually by customers or staff.

Blueberry Power AI technology for product recognition using a camera now contributes significantly to improving the customer journey by automatically recognising products when they are placed on a scale.

One camera does the automatic selection

Whether it’s a fruit and vegetable scale, a standard checkout or a self-service checkout, the need to find and manually select items without a barcode no longer fits today’s environment.
After all, time is an important factor for a positive shopping experience. Instead of having to remember PLU numbers, a standard off-the-shelf camera with Blueberry Power’s intelligent AI takes over the selection and recognition of items without barcodes: the goods are automatically recognised when customers place them on the scales. This makes the shopping experience faster, easier and more enjoyable.

The AI “by Blueberry Power” uses machine learning and classification algorithms to automatically recognise fresh produce and loose items and can be further trained in your cognitive ability without limits.

A better and more sustainable customer journey thanks to Blueberry Power

Less packaging for fruit and vegetables means less waste but also more effort for customers. With Blueberry Power, you can help your customers shop faster, easier and in a more environmentally friendly way.

Blueberry Power also reduces the number of touch points at the various checkout and scale displays, making the shopping experience safer and more hygienic. Thanks to artificial intelligence, shop operations are thus more efficient and continuously improved through training with current transaction data.

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